Colored Mulch North Royalton OH

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Natural Mulch

Mulch World proudly provides natural organic mulch. We know the trees we make mulch out of, so we are able to give you the highest quality mulch in the area. Giving your gardens organic mulch is the best thing you can do. Not only will you have to water your plants less but your plants will get their needed nutrients from the mulch as they slowly decompose. Not only is mulch, great for keeping plants moist it will also protect their roots from the sun and heat, making their root system stronger and the overall plant health better. 

Colored Mulch

Mulch World offers colored mulches for your properties. The colors offered are:

  • Brown
  • Black
  • Red
  • Natural

mulch colors

Colored mulch is made by adding earth-safe dyes and other colorants to the natural wood mulch to get the desired colors for our clients' yards. Did you know many gardeners claim that the specific colors of their mulch do have an influence over the success of their plants? Colored mulch enthusiasts swear by red mulch for strawberries and tomatoes, claiming the color reflects more sun back toward the plants and encourages better growth.

Some gardeners also believe that black mulch keeps soil warmer, as black pigments absorb sunlight and heat rather than reflecting it as lighter colors tend to do. In situations where a plant would benefit from increased warmth at the soil level, black mulch would potentially have an advantage over other choices.


Hardwood blend consisting of Ash,Oak,Maple,Hickory,Cherry,Locust,and Walnut. Quantities are sold as a rick/face cord/1/3 of a cord or 1/2 cord or full cord. Delivery or pickup available.

Top Soil

All-Purpose Topsoil provides consistent results when applied to planting beds, lawn establishment, and other general landscape construction projects. It is a dark, uniform, workable soil that meets the needs of a variety of applications. All-Purpose Topsoil is a reliable, general purpose soil used for promoting stronger, healthier plants. Call us today for a top soil pick up or delivery!

Delivery and Pick Up

Pick up

Want to pick up some mulch? Come by our shop during business hours and one of our guys would happily help load your truck. An average sized pickup can hold about 1 or 2 cubic yards, which is about a ton. Please know how much your truck bed can hold, we want you to be safe and legal on your ride home.


We can deliver your mulch whether you are home or not, just let us know where you would like it beforehand. We ask that you come to our shop to purchase your mulch and we will deliver it within a couple days, depending on how busy we are.

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Delivery available to North Royalton,Strongsville,Hinckley,Richfield,Independence,Parma,Parma Hts.,Seven Hills,Brecksville,Broadview Hts.,Brookpark and other surrounding areas for additional charge,